I write this in regards of the strikes that are just so constant in France.

There are so many bad effects provoked by strikes that are too frequent:

When people go on strike so often, others (including other people of the community and the government) just end up not even caring for strikes, not even paying attention to them anymore. We can then conclude that strikes are therefore not effective unless they are rare. Going on strike often implies paralyzing the country, which of course is bad in itself, and which also means that it the community will in turn resent strikers, which makes the strike ineffective. Going on strike is a sign of conflict with the ruling part of the issue, which settles tension and therefore bad conditions for negotiations. Whereas unions should logically work with bosses and with the government in order to make things work and be good for both parties (the ruling part and the ruled part), in facts, unions work against bosses and the government. In peace times, when have conflicts worked better than calm and wise negotiations? Going on strike seems to be the representation of a system of blackmail: “If you don’t do this, or if you do that, we’ll all go on strike.” Does it seem normal to economically/socially blackmail the ruling part of a country? Are people not mature enough to find other ways of challenging the ruling part, and of negotiating things? Protesting is one thing, going on strike another. People could protest other ways than striking. In many countries, people manage to do so, and it is very efficient. Striking, besides, is an act of a (small) part of the community against another (bigger) part of the community. Does it seem to make any sense to you? If there really is to act against somebody, a logical thing would be to act against the entity that does something deemed to be wrong (a boss, a government, etc.), but not something that’s bad for others that have nothing to do with the issue.

In conclusion, I would like to stress the idea that a strike should be the last-resort solution, and not the automatic reaction as it is in France.